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Seat Belt Safety

Green Bay Football Legend Donald Driver Wants YOU to Buckle Up!

"I could take a hit from a d-back, but I'm not about to take one from you!". Donald Driver knows that even a car crash at low speed without wearing a seat belt can feel like getting hit by a 300 lb. lineman a full speed. To add insult to injury, in Wisconsin you can get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and you WILL get a ticket! Take it from a Driver who always wears his seat belt, every trip, every time — CLICK IT OR TICKET and let's achieve zero preventable deaths on Wisconsin roads!

Donald Driver always wears his seatbelt! Why wouldn't you?

Take the Driver Safety Quiz & Win an Autographed Football!

Football legend Donald Driver is such a big fan of seat belts that he’s giving his fans in Wisconsin a chance to win an autographed football just by taking his Driver Safety Quiz. Test your Driver Safety knowledge!

Take the Quiz!