Zero In Wisconsin

560 people died on Wisconsin roads in 2015.

Some deaths were caused by speeding while others were a result of drunk driving, or not wearing a seat belt. Tragically, these deaths affect many lives and cause great pain to thousands of people throughout the state. Fortunately, you can help change that number.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation and our traffic safety partners have launched the Zero In Wisconsin campaign to help save lives and reduce the number of traffic deaths annually in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, our ZERO VISION means that any preventable traffic death is one too many. By staying within the speed limit, being sober behind the wheel, and buckling up, you can do simple things that can turn nearly 500 annual deaths into zero.

All the gear. All the time.

More than a half million Wisconsin residents have a motorcycle license or permit. We hope they all wear proper protective gear. This TV message shows how wearing all the gear—all the time will keep riders safe and out of trouble will their kids.