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Buckle Up Phone Down

Buckle Up Phone Down


WisDOT challenges Wisconsin to put safety first by taking the two most important actions to prevent or survive a crash. Accept the Buckle Up Phone Down challenge.

  1. Use your seat belt every trip and put down the phone when driving.
  2. Take the Buckle Up Phone Down pledge.
  3. Share your commitment by taking a “thumbs up/thumbs down” photo. Post it to social media using the hashtag #BuckleUpPhoneDown.
  4. Challenge your friends and family.


Who should participate?

Businesses, organizations, schools, municipalities, and individuals should join the WisDOT Buckle Up Phone Down campaign. Together we can bring a positive change in driver behavior and create safer roads. Crashes, injuries, and deaths related to distracted driving and seat belt use are preventable. View the Fact Sheet.

Show your support and Take the Pledge today.


How to be a partner

  1. Take the pledge. Fill out the form to get your organization’s logo on the website.
  2. Use Buckle Up Phone Down in your internal messaging.
  3. Share a news release with the media to announce your dedication to the campaign.
  4. Post pictures, videos, and logos on social media. Encourage your followers to get involved. Use the hashtag #BuckleUpPhoneDown.

Join the movement to bring a positive change to driver behavior and create safer roads in Wisconsin. After taking the pledge, use WisDOT’s Starter Kit for resources to announce your dedication to the campaign.



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Fact sheet



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Why you should join the movement 



Buckle Up Phone Down: Accept the Challenge

Buckle Up Phone Down Partners


If you have questions about Buckle Up Phone Down, contact:
WisDOT Office of Public Affairs
(608) 266-3581,

Occupant Protection

Occupant Protection

Donald Driver Wants YOU to Buckle Up!

"I could take a hit from a d-back, but I'm not about to take one from you!" Green Bay Packer football legend Donald Driver knows that even a car crash at low speed without wearing a seat belt can feel like getting hit by a 300 lb. lineman at full speed. To add insult to injury, in Wisconsin you can get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and you WILL get a ticket! Take it from a Driver who always wears his seat belt, every trip, every time — CLICK IT OR TICKET and let's achieve zero preventable deaths on Wisconsin roads!


Child Safety Seats

The child safety seat requirements shown in the "How to Properly Use Child Safety Seats in Wisconsin" program are a reflection of current Wisconsin state law. These legal requirements are intended to protect children from injuries in motor vehicle crashes. However, if you wish to provide even greater protection for your child—beyond what is required by state law—or need to locate a trained child safety seat technician near you to ensure proper car seat installation, please see the following resources:

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